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Looking back on the last piece I wrote, I said that to really charge a premium for your services, you must make that one big change. That change being your mindset. If you keep performing the same routine in your business and you aren’t seeing the results you truly want, then you must change that routine and think like a winner.

But how in the hell do you change your mind? You have been operating like this for as long as you can remember. Well, I am here to say that it is as easy as switching a switch.

If you truly want to change the way you think about your business and are prepared to do the work in order to transform your business from mundane and teeth pullingly painful, into a diamond to shine for all to see, then sit down, take a deep breath, and mentally flick the switch in your mind.

Flick the switch from old to new. Imagine in your head a switch, like a light switch. But instead of on and off, the switch has an old way of doing business and the new way of doing business. Flick the switch up, commit to making change, and reprogram your mind and make your business truly extraordinary. When you’re ready, please read on as I am about to share the three things that I did that truly revolutionised my little window cleaning company. COMMIT!


Probably not what you were expecting to read as the number one way to change your mind, but I think that confidence is the number one reason that is holding back small service businesses.

There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance and if you cross that line, then your business will pay. However, if you can exude an air of confidence (not cockiness) when dealing with customers and potential customers, your business with a flourish.

Confidence means feeling good about yourself and the service you are offering to your customer.

Confidence is so important that I am going to expand on it in a completely separate article. You can read it in full here.

If you can increase your confidence and feel totally at one with yourself and the way you do business, then your mind is the limit to what you can achieve. Always remember “The body can achieve what the mind can perceive.”


I put this second, but it is just as important as confidence and ties together with it as well. In order to change the way you think about your business, you need to continually educate yourself on all aspects of life and business. Read things that inspire you. Read things that motivate you. Read things that make you THINK. I am not talking about the latest Steven King novel here, I am talking about business and self-development books and audio books. Go to Itunes on your computer and search the audio books in the self-development and business section, download it to your phone and listen to them while you are working or driving. This one thing alone has totally changed my life. I have hundreds of audiobooks that I rotate through depending on my mood for the day. Some days I want to listen to Deepak Chopra and some days I want to listen to Napolean Hill or Tim Ferris. I go deeper into my favourite audiobooks in another article.

My other method of education is Kindle Ebooks. If you haven’t already, download the Kindle app on your iPad and start reading. There are millions of titles from all categories ready at your fingertips for mere dollars. Just type what you are looking for in the search browser and suggestions will appear. I also have hundreds of ebooks on my iPad that and add to this library on a daily basis. You can never read enough. If you want to see my top picks go here.

There are other ways to educate yourself as well like courses and conferences to webinars and podcasts. Don’t complicate things. Start with the reading and listening. This alone will deliver amazing results.

However, the one critical component in this is to practice what you read and listen to. Even if it is only a snippet of goodness, apply it to your life and/or business and over time it will compound and you will see amazing results.


This is so important. The right coach can take mediocre teams to victory. He/she can motivate, educate, show you things that were not even possible.

To find the right person might take a little work, but the first consultation is always free and it is used as a chance for you to see that you gel with this person. It must feel right. You will know when it does and when it does, stop looking and start there. Invest in yourself and your business.

I went through several before I found mine. Some were hopeless and some were just weird. But when I found the right one, he took my business to the next level and really made me think differently about myself and my business. I still see him regularly and he keeps me on track on continually moving forward towards my goals.

Don’t give up looking. When you find the right one, they will resonate with you. Reach out and connect with them. They will help you think differently and take you through a process, aligning your mind with your goals showing you the path and guiding you in the right direction.

Remember, you get what you put into it with your coach. If you really want to learn and are willing to do what it takes, then the possibilities are endless.

The three methods I have described briefly above, if applied, will, in my opinion, change the way you think about your life and business. It is an ongoing journey that never ends and is always evolving. That is what is so exciting about it. You will never know it all. Keep your mind open and willing. Be prepared to do the hard work necessary. Like I said before, you will get out of it what you put into it. If you really want this, then it is already yours. BELIEVE. If you want some more information on my coaching and to see if we may be a good fit, check out here.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has shed some light on these principles. Please stay tuned for my next piece where I talk about Why hiring employees is not the answer to a profitable micro business.