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Every now and then. I mean every so often. I mean once in awhile. I mean occasionally, you find yourself in a situation where the experience you just had with a business makes you want to sing out loud at the top of your lungs and dance down the street telling everyone how jaw dropping awesome this business is. It is so rare, that when it does happen, honestly, you take notice.

So few businesses, and when I mean businesses, I mean micro businesses, and when I mean micro businesses, I mean solopreneurs. The one person business owner intimately dealing with the customer. So few businesses ever take advantage of this magic dust. The type of dust that when sprinkled over a customer it will turn then into raving fans.

This type of magic will never be experienced from dealing with a big business. Sorry Richard Branson it just won’t. Not because they don’t try, but because they really don’t care enough. There I said it. Employees, when you boil it down, just don’t care enough to truly do what it takes.

So what is this magic dust I am referring to? A dust so special that it will, when sprinkled over your customer turn them into raving fans. This magic dust is going out of your way to do one thing special that they are not expecting and tell them about it afterwards.

It sounds so simple, but honestly, when was the last time you experienced this as a customer. It is so rare. I will give you an example that just happened to me.

On a recent holiday with my family, we were brought up to our beautiful  room by the owner of the business who is the middle woman selling rooms for the hotel we were staying at. We walked through the front door and my first impression was wow, this is a nice room. Nice and neat. Two bedrooms, kitchen, clean, overlooking the pool. She told us to give her a call if there were any problems. She wished us a good holiday and left. Nothing out of the ordinary. She gave great service and did her job. Did she blow my socks off? Did she make me want to run to the computer and write a great testimonial for her company? No and no.

You see, she didn’t go the extra mile, she didn’t sprinkle magic dust over us and convert us to raving fans. However, she could have and I will tell you how.

What I didn’t tell you, was that on the ride over to the hotel (she drove us to the hotel as the airport shuttle only took us to her office) we mentioned to her that we did not have a car and what was the best way to get into town to pick up our weekly food shopping. Town was a few km from where we were staying. She told us that we could just call a taxi and it would cost around $10 each way. Can you see where I am going with this?

Can you imagine your reaction is she was to have said instead of catching a taxi, to make a list of you weeks groceries and I will pick them up for you and deliver them to your room later that day (we checked in at 12pm). Not only would I have kissed her, I would have brought her down to the pool and told everybody what had just happened.

As if you say. There is no way you can expect anybody to do that! Exactly I say. No one does that. But can you imagine if she did. If she went out of her way for an hour or so and did that for us, made that effort, sprinkled that magic dust over us, I would have gone to war for that lady. The owner of her company. I would have not only raved about her business, I would have booked again next year. Instead, we took a taxi, got our weekly food, and to be really honest, I can’t remember her let alone the  name of her business.

You see, not many people will go that extra mile, do that one thing, that will really make them shine. Why? Because it takes time and effort. The time that will cost them a little, and effort that they don’t want to give.

If you can do that one thing that will blow your customer away (in a good way). Something so unexpected, it takes their breath away. If you can sprinkle that magic dust over a customer, you will stand out and they will take notice. It will take your business to the next level and set you apart from everybody else. It will turn your customers into raving fans and they will TALK.    I promise.

Please let me know what your thoughts are and if you had any experiences like this. As always, personally, email me at or call me on 0423365598 if you have any questions. Until next time. Sprinkle Sprinkle.